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Title:   Friday Foster
Director:   Arthur Marks
Year:   1975
Genre:   Soul Cinema
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.26.07

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02.26.07Netflix Way less sleazy than the previous two Grier movies I watched last week, this one is based on a comic strip. I don't think I ever read it but it's somehow familiar to me... i think it was one of those serials that since they weren't one joke strips they contained like a half-second's worth of action and since I never read the paper (even the comics) every day they never made sense to me because they're completely out of context and don't really go anywhere or mean anything unless you've read the previous 30 strips. So it'll be like "oh no, the film's lost!" then a guy will say "we'll get it back, in my car!" and that's it. Why are those even printed? At least family circus occasionally had those cartoons where the baby left a dashed line to follow all the random places in the house he went. I mean that's at least... like there's a purpose to that. it may not be funny, but at least there's something to do.

sigh. anyway. a serious lack of nudity here, but not completely absent thanks to a shower scene toward the beginning and a hot tub scene toward the ending. And even though Grier's made up to look much more like the spunky newspaper photographer that gets entangled in perilous political plots instead of a prostitute (or a vigilante nurse pretending to be a prostitute), the movie succeeds on its own out-of-the-gutter way... mostly with its cast. Not to say Grier doesn't sleep with pretty much every viable male, it's just done a bit more tastefully.

I also love Grier's kid brother who hustles the pimp who always comes by in hopes of turning Grier out. That kid is awesome and I'm glad he doesn't get kidnapped at the end.

I also thought it was interesting that every single person, no matter if he was a private investigator or a senator or a black billionare or a photagrapher, was really proficient in handling guns and killing people. The end sequence just goes nuts. I don't know why a priest would have a cache of shotguns in his meditative retreat but damn it, he does and even the fatcats on capital hill not only know how to gun random attackers down, but also seem to have absolutely no problem doing it. repeatedly.

so this was fun. I still think Foxy Brown takes the cake for me and Pam Grier, but hey the more the merrier.
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