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Title:   The Wraith
Director:   Mike Marvin
Year:   1986
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.01.07

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03.01.07Terror Thursday Charlie Sheen... for a guy who gets top billing you can only see his face in maybe 15 minutes of this movie. I guess they mean his character is top billing even if you spend most of the time only seeing a slick 80s future-car or a guy in a dark helmet..

It's sort of like an 80s take on High Plains Drifter. A leader of a small-town car racing gang is crazy in love with this girl (an 80s-gleam'd Sherilyn Fenn) so when he catches her getting it on with her boyfriend they kill him. So now the movie's about his spirit (which comes back in the form of Charlie Sheen) to exact revenge by out-racing each one of the hooligans responsible. I guess I sort of gave away the whole movie... but that's ok because the only charm this movie has is with its eerie vibe of reality disconnect. This is another one of those movies where everything in it doesn't seem quite real, not for any intentional reasons but just because everything's so bad. That makes it fun though... you've got some awesome lines in here like "whoever he was, he was weird and pissed off" or "it's an evil spirit and it ain't cool!" plus terms and phrases I just don't hear used enough like "kidney buster."

Plus it's a chance to see Clint Howard's Eraserhead audition transplanted into a mechanic part. A fun thursday night.
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