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Title:   Wolfhound
Director:   Nikolai Lebedev
Year:   2006
Genre:   Fantasy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.08.07

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03.08.07Friend's House Well alright. A screening for The Travelling Executioner kind of turned into watching screeners for FantasticFest at Tim's house. It made for an interesting evening.

First up was a movie called Stag Knight, about a castle where some knight died 100 years ago and it's now rented out to a group of dudes having a stag party. We start watching the DVD and the pacing is incredible, like so fast that we each start to suspect we're missing stuff because nothing makes sense. I mean nothing. People start dying like two minutes in, it's like they're going through the entire expected plot in 10 minutes. man, this movie is crazy! how are they gonna keep this up for an hour and a half!? Oh, it's just like a ten minute long trailer/promo reel showing all the money shots... Well that's bizarre. Thankfully, it was successfull in anti-selling us on the movie so when the real thing started after we'd seen all the cliche'd lines, sub-par gore, and crappy story, we wisely turned it off.

So next in the machine is Wolfhound, a Russian fantasy movie with extravagant production value. This huge semi-transparent X blocks out the middle of the screen for the entire movie. So that was distracting. and in night scenes it was very distracting, and in night action scenes it was impeding. I couldn't tell what the hell was going on because the cuts were too fast and all I was seeing was this X.

Otherwise, it's the story of this kid who somehow survives when his entire clan is slaughtered by a dude with a wolf tattoo on his hand, so he grows up a slave and becomes the master badass warrior and goes for revenge. He gets mixed up with some princess along the way and things end up on a pretty epic scale.

There's about a half-hour of really impressive fantasy in this movie. I really dug on some of the stuff a lot. Unfortunately, there's like this 45-minute montage of the group leaving a village that soaks up any patience you might have... then some of the stuff gets a little... goofy. OK really goofy. OK absurdly goofy.

I wouldn't be surprised if I saw this on the schedule for this year's FantasticFest, so that makes me feel all ahead of the curve and elitist which is awesome, but the movie is about 40 minutes too long for me. I was bored in parts.
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