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Title:   638 Ways to Kill Castro
Director:   Dollan Cannell
Year:   2006
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.15.07

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Date Viewed Venue Note
03.15.07ParamountThis Screening is part of event: South by Southwest 2007
SXSW Day 7 started with some sleeping in. Screw the Kurt Cobain doc. It also started with a rather annoying reminder that I need to go to the eye doctor. I put in new contact lenses to find that my right eye was out of focus. Not as much as if I didn't put it in, but enough to notice. It seemed to get better in darkened theaters once my pupils dilated but driving and walking around got old pretty quick. oh well.

This British TV doc is about the many zany ways the kooky CIA tried to kill The Beard. It's about as good as you'd expect from a British TV doc with an interesting subject. Not high art but not really boring either.
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