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Title:   Electra Glide in Blue
Director:   James William Guercio
Year:   2006
Genre:   Cop
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.31.07

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03.31.07Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: Hot Fuzztival
Starting at noon today the Alamo threw a cop movie marathon ending in a sneak peak at Hot Fuzz with director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in attendance. Amazing event, tons of fun, both because of the good movies (mostly) and everyone that showed up. It's really great to walk in and see like a dozen friends, some of which have come in from out of town that you haven't seen in a while, scattered throughout the theater. Add to that the now palpable vibe of appreciation and impending sadness at the closing of this venue and you have a whole day of aazing experience.

As such, the Alamo staff decided to go balls out with the trailers today. I think Tim said they'd have 6 or 7 trailers before each one of the movies. This may sound like a lot at first but, thanks to Zack who hand-picked and ordered them, they were like a little themed mini-trailerthon to get us amped up for each movie. I mean, let's face it. A lot of cop movies (especially from the 80s)... we may like talking about them and remembering them but we don't REALLY need to watch them all the way through again. Steele Justice, Stone Cold, Tango & Cash... they make great trailers but... let's just leave it at that. So getting to watch little bits of all these were great. Before this one they showed a series of 70s-typical cop films (alas i didn't feel like studiously noting each one so now I really don't remember any of them).

It started with this movie, which is about a really short Robert Blake motorcycle cop patrolling Monument Valley and trying to become a homocide dick. It's all VERY 70s with beautiful Conrad Hall photography, a loose sense of narrative that meanders to and from the plot, and an ending that fits the moment perfectly... and it's also sort of the antithesis of Easy Rider.

The trailer for this kind of makes it look like it's a comedy about Blake being really small and trying to do a big man's job so there was an initial re-adjustment that I had to take when the movie started and it became obvious that this was more of adeliberately-paced meditation on ambition and surroundings. but as it went on I got to like it more and more even though it made for a very contemplative start to a festival that I seemed to think would be pretty high-energy. It was really good though. I'm really glad it played first; I think it made a great opening film.

Edgar was there to introduce the film for us, saying he'd be popping in and out throughout the day because they had to do press as well but they re-arranged the schedule because he really wanted to see Sudden Impact and Freebie and the Bean with an audience, so after getting this one going (and telling us all to sit through the end credits because the last shot was so incredible), he whisked away on his British wit and charm, returning at the end to talk to fans and Harry.
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