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Title:   Police Story 2
Director:   Jackie Chan
Year:   1988
Genre:   Cop
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.31.07

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03.31.07Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: Hot Fuzztival
In between screenings, Tim announced that, in order to empathise with the cops as much as possible, they were handing out free donuts to everyone. yay!

Next up was this Jackie Chan movie. Edgar appeared again to give his personal take on Jackie Chan movies ("they're a lot like porn: once you know where the good parts are, you never have to watch them all the way through again"), but he said this particular title played like a money shot compilation. He listed off all the scenes like "fight scene in a playground where they fight around the monkeybars: check. Fight in a firecracker factory where they throw little bombs at one another: check," etc. He actually made the movie sound pretty good.

Too bad it's not.

Anyway, before that they played trailers for the more zany aspects of the cop movie genre. Honestly there were so many it became more of a sensory experience than remembering them individually.

So... the movie had subtitles and, in a bit of karmic retribution perhaps, a guy just as tall as me with longer hair than me was sitting right in front of me so the middle of each sentence was hidden unless I went from side to side or stretched up to see over his dome (thus killing poor Marcus who had to sit behind me), so plot comprehension was frustrating from the get-go. Luckily, the action scenes don't really employ much talking so when the movie was good I didn't feel I was missing anything. It's just all the boring-ass crap in between the action scenes that I had trouble following.

I did like how the movie started with a re-cap of all the aazing stunts done in the first Police Story. I kind of wish that's all this movie was... like fifteen minutes of excised fight scenes played back to back. I certainly would've had more fun. Not being the biggest kung-fu fan, Jackie Chan fan, or guessing-the-missing-word-in-each-sentence-that-makes-it-make-sense fan, the cards were kinda stacked against me on this one, but I can't pretend it was any sort of pleasant surprise for me. I liked the stuff I knew I would like, and I sat through the rest waiting for it to end.

By about the 60% mark I just gave up on trying to read the titles and quickly decided that the acting and direction weren't enough to convey whatever was going on. So that made it even more boring for me. oh well.
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