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Title:   Sudden Impact
Director:   Clint Eastwood
Year:   1983
Genre:   Cop
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.31.07

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
03.31.07Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: Hot Fuzztival
Next up was this, the fourth Dirty Harry Movie. I'd never seen this or The Enforcer. Edgar said that it was his second favorite Dirty Harry movie after the first ("that's the best one but this is the party favorite"). That made me wonder if he had movie parties or if whatever kinds of parties that he throws ends up with someone saying "let's put on a movie!" and the party somehow still rocking ahead two hours later. In my experience, putting on a movie either puts people into couch-stupors or drives people out of the movie-room to drink elsewhere. Anyway, I sort of see what he means. Edgar also mentioned that Albert Popwell appeared in all three previous Dirty Harry movies as different black stereotypes and appears again in this movie as Harry's partner. but Harry's other partner, a British Bulldog named Meathead, was the real star of the movie.

But first, a third round of excellent cop trailers, this time of the vigilante justice category (yes, Cobra made an appearance). Great stuff. I think it's the trailers that are really gluing this day together. It's so fun to cheer for childhood favorites and hear everyone else laugh with you, sometimes also hearing people who'd never heard of something (like me and Micah with Partners, what an amazing-looking movie!) saying stuff like "what the fuck!?" or "i HAVE to see that!"

The movie. It's funny how blatant the progression of a franchise is with this movie. I don't even remember if Harry said "make my day" in the original film (i know he said "do you feel lucky, punk" and he probably did say it) but by this time it's a total catch phrase and you can see Clint's disinterest on his face whenever he has to say it. Watching it with a crowd also makes this apparent. People cheer whenever the fabled .44 Magnum makes an appearance, they cheer for the "make my day" line, they cheer whenever Harry Calahan shoots down thugs with merciless pitiless cold-hearted calm.

What's more, because it's the fourth one it's really not even about Harry anymore. Instead, it's basically a rape revenge movie starring Sondra Locke that Dirty Harry just happens to be in.

So... I have to confess... while I DID enjoy this movie as a very steroid-driven-twisted-monstrosity-of-something-that-was-once-subtle-and-good kind of way, it did feel long for me and my lids heavy'd a little bit. Maybe it was the early-evening nap calling or sitting in a dark room all day or the lack of sleep from the night before or whatever... but at a couple points during this movie my eyes were blinking independantly and making agreements with my brain like "just let the left one close for like a minute, then it'll take over and the right will get some time off." Luckily, it picked up after a while and I got my second wind right when it ended because up next was Freedibe and The Bean!!!
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