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Title:   Times Square
Director:   Allan Moyle
Year:   1980
Genre:   Youth Angst in Suburban Hell
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.09.07

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- Weirdsville

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
04.09.07Music Monday So... this is about the daughter of soe publiv figure being really frustrated so he puts her in a looney bin to see if she's crazy. There, she eets another girl who's really aggressive and non-conformist and they escape and live in squalor and hang out in Times Square and the adjoining 42nd Street and become counter-culture heros by staying runaways and dropping televisions off buildings. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was directed by Allan Moyle, who made one of my favorite childhood nostalgia-trips Pump Up the Volume (it was actually his next movie after this, just 10 years later (i bet there's a story there)). This actually shares a lot of common themes with PUtV, but as Zack mentioned it's also very very similar to V for Vendetta.

Honestly, although I liked the movie my favorite parts were the glimpses of circa-79/80 42nd street. I spotted movies like The Dark and The Chinese Mack (playing with The Chinese Godfather) on marquees in the background of shots all throughout the movie. It looked really grody and sleazy but also really awesome. I often wonder where all the weirdo people that you see standing on the street down there went when all those places closed. Are they on some other seedy street still sitting or standing there? Did they go to the library? did they get jobs? who knows. They're probably still there and I'm just sheltered and romanticising the whole thing.

Good music in this, Tim Curry's pretty funny as a late-night radio personality counterpart to Cleavon Little in Vanishing Point. The movie was very punk rock in attitude... pretty cool, glad I made it out tonight
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