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Title:   The Last Mogul
Director:   Barry Avrich
Year:   2005
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.09.07

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04.09.07DVR A pretty interesting doc on Lew Wasserman, who was basically the most powerful man in Hollywood for like 40 years. But then again, I really like movies about hollywood. I guess it's cool to say you don't, like a movie about making movies is too inside or specialized to count but whatever. I like Living in Oblivion, Day for Night, The Stunt Man, etc. and I like learning about Hollywood and movie history. deal.

So this was pretty interesting, especially his overt Jack Valenti and Ronald Reagan ties. That he was on top wasn't really surprising, but that he was on top for so long definitely was. Nowadays, I'm used to hearing about studio heads getting fired about every year... since they now all answer to multi-national corporations, I don't think they have very much actual power at all, but back in the day the famous heads like Mayer and Zanuck and Cohn were all-powerful. It's interesting to hear Wasserman's story which began in the good old days and managed to survive through the 70s. Man that guy must have had some stories... this movie did a pretty good job of laying out his life and the major events in it, but it lacks the stories that I'm sure occured. I wouldn't call it an amazing doc but it wasn't bad either, and it suited its purpose nicely, to say i learned a bit about the man.
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