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Title:   The Last American Virgin
Director:   Boaz Davidson
Year:   1982
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.15.07

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04.15.07Netflix "The Last American Virgin: See it, or be it!" I missed the boat on these really early 80s sex comedies (since I was like 4 when this came out)... I have vague memories of Private Resort and Hardbodies playing on HBO and whatnot but they were even before the cinemax late at night listening for parents waking up days, they were more like seeing glimpses as my dad flipped channels days... Even Porky's I didn't end up seeing till a year ago or so... so I'm no expert. This movie was brought up by a couple different people at a couple different times lately so it seemed like the world was trying to tell me to see it. It's really harsh!

And also pretty gay. The scene where they measure everyone's boners was.... pretty uncomfortable.

so... yeah. that Better Off Dead girl is evil. and the main kid plays the geeky loser real well. Actually all the kids do a great job in filling their stereotype. harsh movie, man.