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Title:   Suburbia
Director:   Penelope Spheeris
Year:   1984
Genre:   Youth Angst in Suburban Hell
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.22.07

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
04.22.07Internet I remember renting this a few times and really liking it when I was in highschool, largely because Flea has a part in it. Haven't seen it in a long time since then though, and have ended up confusing memories of it with the skate-or-die movie Thrashin' (which I think i want to see again now), but a lot of what I remember liking about it was still here. I love that nobody's really a very good actor at all but you can tell they're just so angsty and punk rock that they don't even care. it's almost like anti-acting. Especially the main guy. He's almost good because you can tell he says every line with the maximum amount of spite. In that way, all of the kids are pretty good and really create a group that you root for against the strip-joint-patron suburban husband scum.

I'd really LOVE to see a special edition of this with all the gang re-united for interviews and a commentary. I wonder what happened to all those kids.
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