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Title:   Roadside Prophets
Director:   Abbe Wool
Year:   1992
Genre:   Road Movie
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.22.07

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04.22.07DVR Since I'm revisiting movies I saw when I was in highschool... this was on cable the other day so I decided to re-watch it. John Doe plays a biker guy who befriends another biker guy one day after work and goes to the bar they used in Fight Club to have a beer with him. On the way, the new friend tells him all about this great place in Nevada with a casino where you're always lucky. Then he dies. So John Doe puts his ashes in a gas tank and takes off for Nevada in search of this fabled place called El Dorado. Along the way, he befriends Beastie BOy Adam Horovitz and they meet up with a series of colorful characters... it's your basic early 90s "quirky" indie with a steady stream of cameos like John Cusack, David Carradine, and Timothy Leary (I guess you can't call it a cameo if you play a waiter and never get a close-up like Don Cheadle). It's kind of got this existential bent to it, like a Vanishing Point Easy Rider vibe, but it's all 90s instead. Not a bad little movie but not one for the vault either, it was fun watching this again but I don't know that I would've tracked it down had it not been on right in front of me. It makes me want to watch that movie Dudes again though.

Interesting note about the writer/director: how do you go from writing Sid & Nancy to being an electrician and set lighting technician? weird.
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