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Title:   Spider-Man 3
Director:   Sam Raimi
Year:   2007
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.26.07

Other Movies Seen By This Director (2)
- Drag Me to Hell
- Spider-Man 2

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04.26.07Galaxy Highland massive spoilers probably. the short answer is that I thought it had problems. Not as good as 2, arguably on par with 1. I didn't really like it. so stop reading now if you don't want to be ruined.

Well, nobody ever accused Sam Raimi of being too subtle. To set this up, I thought the first spider-man movie was severely overrated. I thought it was ok, but also too long and pretty slow and cheesy and just so-so. The second movie impressed me because I was expecting a typical sequel and even though it's long and there's a lot going on, for some reason that movie came together and worked better than I thought it would. Well, this one was pretty close to what I was expecting the last one to be.

It's really long, it felt long. Too much stuff happens so not enough attention is devoted to any of them (except Parker himself I guess) and it really comes apart at the seams in the last act. I guess I wasn't as dissapointed as a few other people who are much more into the comic (or at least remember it better than I do even though I was definitely a Spiderman comic fan at one point), but I generally agreed with all their grievances. My favorite story arc that I remember reading was the whole black suit phase. I thought it was awesome that the suit was an alien symbiote and for a while it was a pretty transparent excuse to introduce a design change and make Spidey look cool again... so it was like a whole phase where that was his suit. So for a while he was like super-spidey cuz the suit was working with him and he was still kicking ass and it was just like cool. But then it eventually starts to turn dark, where the suit's doing stuff while he sleeps and he notices his aggression getting out of hand and all that. So it was like a whole thing... not so immediate... and it ended up being a message not to mess with stuff that you don't understand, and that while short-term gains may be cool, you have to be mindful of long-term effects. I realize that they couldn't really do that for a movie (although it certainly was long enough), but when the whole arc's compacted so much it sort of stops making sense. It's seen as a villain and the scene where he's like "wow this is great!" he's doing the exact same stuff he always does. it's like "wow! i can stick to walls and shoot webbing and do flips! this is great!" and then it immediately turns him into an a-hole (my favorite part of the movie by the way) and then he's like "it's gotta go" then Eddie Brock gets it immediately and he's immediately a huge villain then he dies. With Sandman, I liked how they started him. thought that CG sequence of him forming was great. Then he's in one pretty decent scene which turns into this weird thing where I guess NYC has an ancient catacomb Temple of Doom spot in its subway architecture and then you don't see Sandman for like an hour. Then he reappears as this absolutely humongous CG thing that I guess still gets hurt by bombs and stuff even though he's all sand because at a certain point he just falls apart because... I guess he's out of hit points or something. But he revives again long enough to tell Spidey that it was all just an accident before turning into a sandcloud and floating away. what? That's nothing compared to Green Goblin though, who loses one fight then has memory loss (for real) until it comes back and spider-man kicks his ass again. Then he turns into a friend and dies. There must be some setting on those green goblin grenade things because one can go off right in your face and all it does is cause some minor scarring but throw it onto gigantor-sandman's head and it decimates like a city block's worth of animated sand. and throw it at an alien symbiot and it completely incinerates the alien and anyone jumping into it until there's not even ash left. just smoke.

I think the biggest F U to the fans is Gwen Stacey though. She really has no reason to be in this movie It could be any girl, really. Incidentally though, I think Bryce Dallas Howard is 50x hotter as a blonde. She doesn't even look like her here... she should keep it and date me.

So let's see... there are several things like that that bug and bother me. But hmmm.. bright side... what did i like... well, Bruce Campbell had an entertaining cameo. I didn't think it fit the movie at all but I loved all the stuff that Tobey Maguire does when he's supposed to be acting like a badass. J.K. Simmons is still good as J. Jonah Jameson. Sam Raimi's still giving his brother acting parts (and I guess his other brother co-writing credit now). Thomas Haden Church looks great as Sandman. Topher Grace shows us how great he could've been as Spider-Man.


Well i'm sure there are other small moments that I liked too. Just a shame that the gigantic CG action stuff overshadows my memory with blah.

Side note: they accidentally strung the reels up in the wrong order so about 3 reels in 20 minutes went missing and all of a sudden James Franco had his memory back, Spidey had his black suit, Peter Parker had a new haircut, MJ was breaking up with him. It was just like QT said where it introduced all these questions in your head like what did you miss but at the same time it was awesome to just skip ahead to all this stuff happening. More Grindhouse than Grindhouse. I'm not sure all the press in the room appreciated it though so they stopped the movie and let us enjoy more free concessions (which everybody had been fully utilizing from the get-go. take that, sony!) while they re-spooled it to show us the missing reel in the right order. That was fun.
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