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Title:   Get Shorty
Director:   Barry Sonnenfeld
Year:   1995
Genre:   Movie About Movies
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   06.25.08

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06.25.08DVD Been a while since I last saw this. I still enjoy it. I think maybe it'll stand as Barry Sonnenfield's best movie? I haven't seen The Addams Family in a while either though. Anyway, Travolta's actually really good in this but mostly I love DeVito's small role and Gene Hackman playing against type. Good soundtrack too. I've always loved that it used Morphine tracks and that kind of bedroom jazz stuff but I never realized that John Lurie did the music; that's cool.

Fun movie.
03.05.05DVD yeah this was better than Be Cool. Travolta seems much tougher, much cooler in this. In Be Cool he's a bit older, a bit more tired... maybe that's just Hollywood wearing down on him or something. In any case, i like this movie and am glad I finally have it on DVD