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Title:   Superbad
Director:   Greg Mottola
Year:   2007
Times Seen:   3
Last Seen:   12.14.08

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.14.08DVD Huh, still funny! Go Figure! I know, right!? Anyway... uh, not much else to say other than I laughed and laughed and laughed.
01.10.08DVD Still funny! imagine that.
05.01.07Alamo South Lamar The next comedy from the Apatow school that's currently ripping shit up. This one's kind of about Seth Rogen's highschool experience starring Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. I guess Sony was doing an advance screening for UT students and gave 20 seats to the Alamo for fantastic fest badge holders so I got a chance to see it early (way early. the movie comes out in august).

It's funny. It's really funny. This and Knocked Up are going to make Seth Rogen a huge star this summer. spoilers follow.

I really like that there's a really big 70s feel to the movie even though it's a contemporary setting. More than just the funny Foxy Brown titles sequence and absolutely fantastic funk score, the whole movie feels like a sibling to Dazed and COnfuzed and The Stoned Age and yet filled with cell phones and modern references.

It was also great to see Joe Lo Truglio pop up in a small part. I guess Paul Rudd broke the seal for the mixing between Wet Hot American Summer alumns and Apatow acolytes. It's great that these two groups are now starting to intermingle even more. It's great that we are now at a spot with this specific kind of humor where there are too many good people to fit into any one movie It's also great that these guys, in addition to seeding familiar faces like Kevin Corrigan and David Krumholtz into the movie, also initiate great new faces. SNL guy Bill Hader and Chris Mintz-Plasse are both great here and 17-year-old especially Mintz-Plasse (AKA McLovin) is bound for glory.

I also appreciated how the "hot girls" that the guys go after are hot in a realistically high school way. they're still not exactly perfect 10s (no offense) but still definitely out of these guys' leagues (yes, incredibly large contingent of horny college bitches in the audience, Michael Cera is still kind of a geek. you can shut up now.) And although getting the girls is part of the story, I liked how the movie stayed dedicated to the primary focus of the friends' separation. So even at the end when they both end up going off with their girls who both want them, it still plays like a tragedy and it's kinda sad.

Overall, really hilarious and a worthy update to the highschool genre.
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