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Title:   Black Cobra
Director:   Joe D''Amato
Year:   1976
Genre:   Sexploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.02.07

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Date Viewed Venue Note
05.02.07Weird Wednesday Rail thin Laura Gemser gets naked a lot then exacts reptilian revenge on her real life husband! Or I don't know if they were married at the time... Lars just told me that after it ended. Anyway, a huge death storm scared away all but the intrepid few tonight which is a big shame because for some weird reason I'm much more comfortable staring at hot naked women with perfect breasts and bushy 70s pleasure coves in a full theater. Having the audience be sparse makes it somehow more seedy and depraved. Especially with it raining out and some people wearing overcoats. So even though I'm not a huge fan of these kinds of films (they remind me too much of the cinemax stuff I used to watch as an early teen), a couple things in this movie got me through:

The music. This haunting melodic score with a breathy female vocal and an uber-swank keyboard and rythm

Jack Palance. He's really odd in this. I thought he was almost playing against type because he was this calm quiet guy who never goes crazy or kills someone or bites anyone's ear off. not even once. I guess he's supposed to be acting reptilian to match his snake-loving character, but aside from being very weird I thought he came off remarkably likable. For Jack Palance.

The revenge. I'd say this is a great example of why I watch these types of movies. This movie... is pretty slow. And since it's a drama, there's not really any humor or anything too bizarre happening to make it a real novelty experience, so you're sitting there watching it, perfectly OK with it being a sexy drama with lesbian scenes and a paper-thin plot about how she doesn't like to be owned by anyone and some sort of sibling rivalry (I blame the parents. Who names their kid Judas anyway?) but then this scene comes along that's so outrageously awesome that, to me, it not only makes the movie worth watching but it makes the movie good.

She has the guy who killed her female lover held down on the ground, then a guy brings up this cobra and she says something along the lines of "relax, his venom glands have been removed. But the funny thing is, this snake has been trained to eat its way out of anything because it has to be free. So I'm gonna put the devil inside you to let it eat out your demons, and this snake is the devil." And they take down his pants and I guess shove the snake up his ass and it eats its way through him and kills him. They don't show anything but the idea is enough.

That's an idea worth stealing. If I was quentin tarantino, I'd put that in my next movie.

So after that, it's all gravy.
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