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Title:   Invincible
Director:   Ericson Core
Year:   2006
Genre:   Sports
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.04.07

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05.04.07Internet this time around it's The Eagles who are losers and recruit an old bartender who makes the cut and doesn't totally suck. Maybe next year Disney will make the story of an old gas station attendant who became a pro hockey player and they can call it The Invincible Rookie? Anyway. I liked this one more than the last, largely because I like the gang of character actors that play his South Philly buddies and I also like looking at Elizabeth Banks. Not a surprise that both movies have the same exact "they're better than you but you have heart so you can win" speech... along with other little things like structure, theme, music, and aesthetic. ahhh, Hollywood's churning them out, aren't they?

Well I now feel so uplifted that I need to watch something incredibly depressing to even myself out. Something from the 70s where someone almost wins but then they lose. and get hurt. and their mom dies. and their dog does too. and then they die. slowly. But i'll probably go to sleep instead.
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