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Title:   The Born Losers
Director:   Tom Laughlin
Year:   1967
Genre:   Biker
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.09.07

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- Billy Jack

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
05.09.07DVR Dramatic first appearance of Billy Jack! whatever. I don't get why everyone always calls him an Indian. I guess if he came up to you and said "yeah, i'm native american" you'd then have license to slander but... dude looks nothing like an Indian! It's always bothered me and probably always will. I think I'll go up tonight and call random white people Indian and maybe I'll get lucky and one of them will actually be one and kick my ass with his green beret skills.

Jack Starrett wins the award for being the biggest badass that isn't Billy Jack in any Billy Jack movie. It seems like he was hobbled a bit in editing or something because all of his lines are super badass and he plays it accordingly but his character ends up still falling for every little trick the bikers play on him and ends up being rather ineffectual... which are definitely not badass traits.

Although I labeled this a biker movie, I don't think it actually is one. Although they have the cool names and act like the bikers in every other movie, they are portrayed as ultimate evil in this movie and are there basically just to test Billy Jack and taunt him into kicking their ass. It's like a weird blend of biker movie with hippie morals. Still, there's a great moment where one of the girls involved in a rape case tells her mother that she liked it and she keeps sneaking back to get more because she hates her mom so much. Ahhh teenage rebellion, the biker's friend.

The whole time I was watching this I kept thinking about that series of ads where Laughlin went crazy... maybe sometime I'll direct myself in a series of movies designed specifically to make me look like a badass. i bet that's fun.
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