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Title:   Sex on the Run
Director:   Franz Antel
Year:   2007
Genre:   Sexploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.10.07

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
05.10.07Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT:Last Night at the Alamo Grindhouse
Here we go for another QT mini-fest, this one held in honor of the original downtown location closing in a month. It's a sad time but also a happy time... QT screenings are great because a lot of friends show up and it's fun to talk in the lobby in between shows. Unfortunately it's also Mother's Day weekend and my parents will be in town this weekend so I'll have to miss some movies tomorrow night and sunday night... hopefully not too many though. But since I'm gonna be up half the night then have to adhere to my parents' "normal" sleep schedule, these notes are gonna suffer. Sorry, I need sleep.

Anyway, this first one previously showed during QT4 as part of a Sex Night double feature with Jess Franco's Sucubus. It's a sex comedy starring Tony Curtis as both Casanova and a random guy who looks just like Casanova. It's period so there are tons of corsets and bustiers and stockings all over the place... which is good. Unfortunately, the movie felt really long to me like a sluggish rhino that's just woken up from a nap and trying to trot down to the trough to get his dinner but he's not really hungry... he's really still half-asleep and it's hot out and he doesn't want to run so he takes his time lumbering to where you know he's going.

Lots of hot women here. LOTS. In his intro, QT targetted on how many hot euro babes were on display tonight and he's right. it's a Rosalba Neri shy of being all of my faves. He also mentioned that Harry noted this was a low point in Tony Curtis' career and that we should be so lucky to have a low point like that: namely jetting off to Venice to ham it up with a cadre of hot young naked flesh... yeah, that's tough.

As usual, a series of trailers play before each feature. No notebook this time around so those are lost too. Sorry, jealous reader. my attention to detail is slipping! I do know that at one point they played a trailer for How to Seduce a Woman and in my head I thanked Micah because it was like the only movie I'd seen before.

UPDATE: Big thanks to Lars who sent me a complete list of trailers for this fest. I know this will come even more in handy a few years from now when I think back to the event and re-read this stuff. QT-owned trailers are noted:

Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones
9 Lives Of Fritz The Cat (QT)
How To Seduce A Woman
War Goddess
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