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Title:   Redneck Miller
Director:   John Clayton
Year:   1977
Genre:   Hicksploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.11.07

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05.11.07Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT:Last Night at the Alamo Grindhouse
Tonight's triple feature was regional hillbillies. I guess the night started really really late which worked out for me because I got there around 9:45 and the first film hadn't ended yet. That movie, Hot Summer in Barefoot County, I didn't really care for at all but bet I would've had a better time seeing it with the crowd. It's just really slow and not funny or absurd enough to carry me.

So, this paragraph has to be about how nice Karen the manager is. She not only didn't give my seat away by selling a stand-by ticket but she also had an idea where an empty seat was when I got there, double-checked with me after the first movie ended to make sure i got a seat, and did some totally gross dirty work that no one should ever have to do. She's always on her game and persists in being the glue that holds the theater workings together and makes being an Alamo regular such an enjoyable experience.

So... that said, I saw Micah on one of the side seats and thought it'd be ok to sit there for the night. The old wooden seats were hard but I found them tolerable. I've never spent a whole movie on the newer side seats, which for those that aren't familiar with them are higher more like barstools with a small layer of vinyl padding on the seat. Well, for whatever reason, I had a total reaction to it that made my ass sweat. It was not cool. Luckily some more seats opened up for the last film so I value this experience as knowledge gained and lesson learned. get there early! But that really should be "the way" though. I'm so glad they whole reserved/assigned seat thing is out. Getting there early and waiting in line is part of the moviegoing experience that never really bugs me. If you're late for the movie, a bad seat is just what you get. it's been that way since the beginning and shouldn't stop now. This isn't opera.

wow how bloggy!

ok! So Redneck Miller was one of QT's first prints and he saw it 10 years ago and kinda remembers liking it. I think it's because of this that he totally undersold the movie. This is really great, and it's not just because the main dude is pretty badass and is named Miller. He's a DJ so people call him that, or maybe his name is DJ too and it's just a coincidence? whatever. The movie's really really solid. It's pretty funny, it's really really cheap, it's earnest and bursting with authentic regional heart, and it never really drags like a lot of movies with severe limitations end up doing.

This dude steals Miller's uniquely painted bike and rips off a drug drop so the dudes who were supposed to get the drugs target Miller instead. The turn comes about after they kind of accost him and force him to meet with the big boss man when Miller tolerates their jive for like 30 seconds then says "to hell with this" and takes their gun and kicks their ass and leaves. The this trio of black drug dealers becoes... comic relief sounds shallow but they are constantly funny. But they still bring a black favor to the movie that I really appreciate.

But there's also the music which is great both when its supposed to be (like chase sequences or whatever) and in random cornball cues like whenever Miller signs off or a little slide whistle whenever appropriate. It's so goofy but it worked on me full throttle. I loved every note played.

And oh man, Miller's on-air rap is so great. Something about soggy sandwiches and another day of paying your dues... just great stuff.

So I wouldn't really call this movie a comedy even though it's funny nor would I say it's a serious drama because there's that tinge of non-professional actorness whenever things get heavy... but it's just a hell of a good time and its own brand of movie that just is what it is. Really great.

And for anyone that knows me, it's ok to call me redneck or DJ or just yell MILLER! whenever you see me. I'll respond.

Again though, no notebook means no notes means no trailer listing. They were great as usual though so maybe I'm hoping I can coerce Lars into sending me a listing again just to keep things complete, even though these notes are by no means complete on these movies. I already feel like I've forgotten about a hundred great little details... but oh well. moving on.

trailers played beforehand (thanks to Lars). QT-owned are noted:

Small Town In Texas (QT)
Texas Detour (QT)
Gator (QT)
Truck Stop Women (QT)
Ride In A Pink Car (QT)
Moonrunners (QT)

Hillbilly Jamboree (QT)
God's Little Acre (QT)
Road To Nashville (QT)
I Walk The Line (QT)
Thunder In Carolina (QT)
Fireball 500 (QT)
Fast Company (QT)
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