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Title:   In Hot Pursuit
Director:   Jim West
Year:   1977
Genre:   Hicksploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.11.07

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05.11.07Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT:Last Night at the Alamo Grindhouse
The last movie of the night (which started at like 1:30a) has always been referred to me as Polk County Pot Plane. It's kind of an adventure story starring these two dudes named Oosh and Doosh. As QT describes them, they're kinda like 70s versions of the Barbarian brothers but not as smart. Another regional film reeking of Georgia about these two guys helping to smuggle pot... somewhere.

It's not really an adventure movie but the plot structure is kinda odd in that you just follow these guys for no reason... so they do a job and they kinda get away with it but then another job comes up and that one doesn't go so well but then stuff happens and another job comes up and so forth, so the last half hour has almost nothing to do with the first half hour and as you watch you get two feelings: 1. I have no idea where this is going. 2. I have no idea when this is ending. And yet some things are telescoped to an extreme. There's a stunt involving a house that's set up for like a half-hour. Like suuuuuper long and it's so obvious that you know immediately, but it kind of goes around the bend (like the chase in Psycho from Texas) from funny to tedious and back to funny. So for some things you know exactly where it's going but in terms of big picture grand scheme type stuff, you're just along for the ride.

So I think maybe the thing about this movie that impressed me the most are the stunts. QT talked about this in his intro as well, saying there sure as hell weren't any stunt coordinators or anything like that so that they did these stunts at all is just huge. And that kind of psychotic lack of fear or planning or common sense shows in most of the stunts. Like, it's incredibly clear that the scene with the guys hanging from the helicopter was just those guys hanging onto the helicopter. One guy's like yeah! and gives a thumbs up while he's hanging like 70 feet above the city. All the car stuff was great because it's also pretty clear that they didn't have any back up vehicles... so the continuity's great because all that stuff was just went-out-and-done... I think the biggest "whoa" moment was when this prop plane (like the biggest plane ever for smuggling weed btw) has to land in this cut-out runway and shears the tops of the trees off. that's crazy! those guys were crazy! That's damned entertaining!

So... you know, this one had a few slow spots. I won't say i liked it as much as Redneck Miller, but I did enjoy myself quite a bit. I thought it was good and the highs definitely outweighed the lows. I'm sure there are tons of things I'm forgetting to mention but hopefully I'll see it again someday and get another chance to go on about it.

trailers played beforehand (thanks to Lars). QT-owned are noted:

McCullochs (QT)
Outlaw Blues (QT)
Moving Violations (QT)
Black Oak Conspiracy (QT)
Convoy (QT)
High Ballin' (QT)
Breaker Breaker (QT)
Road Games (QT)

09/24/07 UPDATE!!!:
The best unforseen byproduct of starting this site is occasionally having the right person type in the right google search terms and find their way here. After posting this I got a few short comments from folks somehow related to this film and that was a real thrill but when I got home tonight (this is during Fantastic Fest 2007), I had this waiting for me in my inbox:

You have no idea how much fun it was making that movie. There are many things you got wrong in the review. First, I was a State Rep. for 72 District of Clayton County Georgia, not Polk County. I was Flying Governor Busby over that mt. in my Helicopter where the plane was sitting. That was the first time I saw that plane. It was surrounded by ATF and FBI etc... We landed and were met at gunpoint until they all knew who we were. I told the Governor I was going to buy that plane. I bought the mountain, the plane, and the rights to the story that was told to me by one of the felons and the pilot. No one else had any money invested except me. No one in the house but myself and on my own time had anything to do with the movie. The actors are friends and family and people who wanted to be a part of the movie. The only part of the movie that was filmed in Polk County was around the plane and when it flew off the Mt... The rest of the movie was filmed in Jonesboro Georgia, and in my house and back yard.

I guess what I am trying to say is the best part of the movie was the making of the movie.

The movie did appear on the big Screen many times. I am not sure how the movie made it to your screen, but I am honored, no matter what you may think of it. I wrote it all the way down to the last line, I furnished the cars, Helicopter, plane, the Truck that Plowed thru the House, I furnished the house as well. I found the actors (as they may be) the jail scene was really in the Jonesboro Ga. jail, the jail men were real. All of the movie equipment was purchased, I still have it as a matter of fact. I directed it, and even was in the movie. Every penny came from my pocket. As I have always told people that thought it a bad movie, "You make one by yourself, and let's see how it turns out"!
This is one you need to know the behind the scenes story that really would make you laugh.

Respectfully Yours,
Jim West

PS The plane was real, the idea was based on a true story, yes, that plane really did fly in pot, but in real life, it did not get away. I flew it to Fla after that scean and sold it. I wish I had kept it.

Crazy!! With many of these old movies that the Alamo shows during Weird Wednesday or part of QTfest, I wonder what the story and circumstances were back then to create such an... interesting film. Well in this case, now I know!

So, my apologies to Mr. West for the inaccuracies in my first review and a big big thanks to him for writing to talk about making it! It sure sounds like a hell of a good time and I really think that carried over to the film because as I think back to seeing this months and months ago, I remember really liking its homegrown humor (even if it is unintentional every once in a while) and crazy-ass stunts.

Aint it cool? Oops, I guess I can't say that. Hmm....

Isn't that awesome!?
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