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Title:   The Swinging Pussycats
Director:   Alexis Neve
Year:   1969
Genre:   Sexploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.13.07

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05.13.07Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: QT:Last Night at the Alamo Grindhouse
So I took my parents to Chuy's and fed them till they passed out and managed to make it back downtown in time to catch the last half hour or so of tonight's first movie in the Swinging triple feature: The Swinging Barmaids. This played before in the midst of an all-night exploitation marathon during QT2 under the alternate title Eager Beavers (Bucktown, Gates of Hell, Swinging Barmaids, Police Women, Wonder Women, Ghetto Freaks, and Girl on a Chain Gang). I guess in his intro QT mentioned that the killer in this was only in a few movies but I wasn't there so I don't know if he remembered playing Bucktown (where he plays a bagman) that same night or not. Anyway, from what I saw it really wasn't a sexploity movie at all but more of a serial killer picture that just happens to have some women working at a bar. When I came in there was a pretty groovy fight scene going on in a pool and it was pretty good from then on but afterward a few people told me I saw all the best parts.

By far, the biggest line of the night and probably the whole festival happens in this movie where a group of them are talking about the killer and the killer is in the group because of course he's one of the circly of friends and one of the girls says the killer must have a "crazy calculating faggot mind," then it cuts to him looking upset and later he makes sure to say "faggot" a couple more times like it just burns him so much... like "then we'll catch the faggot." He also makes several asides like "well whoever the killer is, he sure is smart." and "if I were the killer, I'd be running for the boondocks right now," and seems to take personal offence at anyone who has anything bad to say about this guy who's killing off his friends. I love the idea of a serial killer only killing people who don't think he's cool. so like if someone said "man that killer's so groovy" they'd get crossed off the to-kill list.

So overall I'm sad that I had to miss the intro and first batch of trailers but happy that I saw what I saw and that what I saw was good.

So next up is Swinging Pussycats, which Tim got up to say he was hesitant about since it was German and he's not the hugest fan of lederhosen films. QT loves it though and says the beginning is great but he loves the whole thing and the main girl is quite cute.

Well, the beginning was pretty cool. It starts with the main girl in white lace undies talking to the camera in a weirdly-translated monologue about what to expect with the movie and then she says are you ready or something like that and the screen goes black and she counts down for the movie to start. Except she starts from 20 so it goes on for a while. And there was a scratch that seemed to move back and forth about every second or so to almost correspond with the numbers she's counting down. She is quite cute.

Other than that, the movie was pretty rough. Lots of talking about meaningless stuff... some butler who's old... almost no nudity or sex on screen at all... did I mention the talking? and that's about all that happens until it ends, which took a while. I can't really remember any specific parts because it was all the same... women talking about how they like sex or something and something to do with the water... then there's a little plot about some Italian guy trying to get money out of marrying someone or something? I really can't remember. Funny how I have no problem recalling the feeling of extreme boredom though... oh well.

trailers played beforehand (thanks to Lars). QT-owned are noted:

Police Women (QT)
Night Call Nurses (QT)
Private Duty Nurses (QT)

Dagmars Hot Pants (QT)
Candy (QT)
Teenage Tramp (QT)
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