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Title:   Fuzz
Director:   Richard Colla
Year:   1972
Genre:   Cop
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.20.07

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05.20.07  So right off the bat I have to say this. The Alamo has the trailer for this movie and it has some really really great voice-over that I really really want to grab, so I was equally excited to get rent this for the trailer as I was for the movie itself... but the trailer they have on the DVD has no voice-over! It's the same exact cut, and even mixes the dialogue down for where the voiceover should be but... no VO! sucks so much.

Anyway, This was a pretty fun if not completely solidified cop movie starring Burt Reynolds, Tom Skerritt, Raquel Welch, and Yul Brynner as The Deaf Man ("who's definitely NOT fuzz!"). The movie reminded me a lot of the Denis Leary show The Job where different cops have different cases that they're working but they help each other out, get into wacky adventures, and do plenty of general banter in the station in between chase scenes. This isn't quite as overt a comedy as that show was, but it's kind of a similar vibe... except it's also a movie instead of an ongoing show so they have to wrap everything up in the end.

So even though it comes together in a very coincidental way, I still really liked watching this just because it's a whole group of cool 70s cops having fun and working crimes.

Plus there's this one old guy who has a scene were he goes on about someone dumping garbage in his car that's hilarious. great little monologue.
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