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Title:   Blood Bath
Director:   Joel M. Reed
Year:   1976
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.31.07

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Date Viewed Venue Note
05.31.07Terror Thursday Terror Thursday this week is this anthology made by the Bloodsucking Freaks guy (a movie I've owned forever and have still not seen). Everybody seemed to really like it... to be honest I was severely bored with the first 45 minutes or so... like looking-at-the-ceiling bored. It's really cheap and really slow and there's no sex and no violence and you know where each of the first two stories are going about 15 minutes before they get there and I was having no fun at all.

But then this black ghost popped into this guy's vault and started saying "boooooo" and it really picked up. Because the guy in the vault takes the fact that he's a ghost haunting him as a good thing and starts talking to him because he's so lonely. In perhaps the best line I've heard all month, the ghost admits to his miseray, saying "honkey devil knew this would happen." I also love that, according to him, the devil is a white woman. great stuff.

So after that bit, the movie picked up and ended pretty strong. I suspect a lot of people got up and immediately started praising it due to this strong ending still fresh in their minds. That's a good thing though... I'm happy that everyone had a good time, even if I didn't forget how horrible the first half was for me.
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