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Title:   Mr. Brooks
Director:   Bruce A. Evans
Year:   2007
Genre:   Thriller
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.01.07

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06.01.07Cinemark Pflugerville Jarrette convinced me to see this. It's long and really mediocre. It also felt like it was adapted from a book but I didn't see any source credited which confuses me because there's like 2 or 3 extremely random subplots going on that felt like stuff that works great in a book but should be trimmed for a movie and I kept explaining their existence on some source material that the writers wanted to stay true to. So that's weird.

But it wasn't full-on bad... I enjoyed WIlliam Hurt's character (despite myself... but if I had a murderous multiple personality guy talking to me in my head, it'd be pretty cool if it was William Hurt) and Dane Cook's maybe funnier trying to do drama than his stand-up routine. And then at one point Hurt looks at Cook and says to Costner: "Even if he was nicer and funnier, I still wouldn't like him." I'd love to believe that was an ad lib due to on-set tensions or something...

And then at the end it almost gets cool but then they do a cliche thing to taint it but then they do another thing that's infinitely more cliche and horrible and it ruins any hopes of having a cool ending.

I don't know why stuff like that still exists in movies. Like, why does she have to put his glasses on at the end? Why do the glasses have to be a big honking symbol of his murderousness or whatever? Why did Adam Goldberg have to die on the same Hitler Youth knife he scored in the beginning of Saving Private Ryan? Or why does it have to be the prisoner they let go that kills Tom Hanks? Do some people really go for that? If you do, send me a comment so I can yell at you.
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