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Title:   First Blood
Director:   Ted Kotcheff
Year:   1982
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.01.07

Other Movies Seen By This Director (1)
- Wake in Fright

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
06.01.07Netflix Geez it's been a long time since I've seen this. I vaguely remember watching it on network TV as a kid and thinking not much happened then he blew up a car at the end. Now that i, you know, know what's going on during all the "slow" parts, I like it a lot more. It's still funny how a movie like this can spawn such an 80s explosionfest like part 2 (which I LOVED as a kid, had the toys and everything), but I do think it's much more effective to see him doing his geurilla thing in the jungle than in the pacific northwest woods. This movie needed a sasquatch.

good though, i liked it.
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