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Title:   Hostel: Part II
Director:   Eli Roth
Year:   2007
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.03.07

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
06.03.07Alamo Downtown Midnight Sunday sneek of Hostel 2 with Eli Roth there at the drafthouse... saying goodbye I suppose. Beforehand they had a short "demonstration" from some tattoo'd goth chicks from Sinsations. Watching burlesque and this ore S&M-ish stuff live never really does it for me but I really like their outfits and one of the three girls was really hot so I didn't exactly not like it either. Plus they did the whole little routine to Ministry's Stigmata so it was an opportunity to hear that song pumped loud into the drafthouse. I'm a little surprised I still have all the lyrics memorized and know the song really well even though it's probably been ten years since I've heard it but hey... I still like it.

So... As this site can attest, I saw an early version of the first Hostel and really liked it, then never saw it again for some reason. I appreciated how the torture stuff unfolded and like the revenge-y ending but I guess it didn't have that thing which makes me want to watch it again. So from the get-go I was a little puzzled that the movie warranted a sequel. I liked it as a movie but a franchise? With those feelings in mind, here's what I thought (spoilers but they're probably nothing you can't guess):

It's very close to the same movie but with a group of women instead of men and not as much sex in the beginning. Actually there's very little female nudity and the one girl I really wanted to see naked I totally didn't get to see naked. It really confused me though because the movie plays sort of like the premise is still a surprise except it's totally not, so sometimes it jumps around assuming you know what's already going on but other times it stays really slow and seemingly innocent like we don't know what's happening. I guess it's that way because it's a sequel... they throw a few things in there connecting it to the first movie like the same clerk and gang of kids and stuff so maybe the long sequence of how the group of girls gets to the hostel is just to fit it in with the first one but... we already know where they're going so... why am I watching it?

By far the most interesting parts of the movie are those dealing with the clients. Probably the best scene in the whole movie is an auction montage where you get glimpses of random ultra-rich people bidding on new meat. Although I wasn't completely into all of their scenes, the main two client guys were at least not 100% guaranteed to go exactly where I thought they would (even though they did anyway) and the stuff with the tattoo and the tools and wardrobe was also very cool.

I didn't like any of the girls. Especially the main one. I was rooting for her to die even though she's the main girl so I knew she probably wouldn't.

The movie, and the rabid audience I saw it with, felt like it was all about the death gags, which is weird since more than one takes place off-screen. I did enjoy one but it seemed a bit shy of really going for it (Eli mentioned afterward that that scene was trimmed for MPAA where a girl couldn't be touching her nipples because it was too sexual) but others were kinda eh. There's a big shocker at the end I guess but honestly I sat there and watched it and felt bored by it all. I don't know if that means I'm a horrible jaded person with a cold dark hole where a heart should be or if i'm turning into one of those Bob McKee assholes who keep yelling "story!" over and over or what but... this movie was boring. There, I said it. Boring. I was bored.
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