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Title:   Ocean's Thirteen
Director:   Steven Soderbergh
Year:   2007
Genre:   Heist
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   12.25.07

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.25.07Friend's House Merry Christmas!
06.08.07Galaxy Highland So... I may be in the minority on several levels here, but I like Soderbergh's mainstream movies much more than his artsy indie stuff and I really like this series (yes, even the second one). Still, I think they work better in vegas over Europe and they're really guy movies so the women in them often feel like they drag down the movies. So in this installment they're back in Vegas and both Zeta-Jones and Roberts are absent!

I really liked this one. it's fun and moves fast and the plot rides that line where you have to keep up with it but you can still follow it on the first watch but I'm sure there are plenty of small hints and touches layered throughout that will make repeat viewings a little richer each time through. And you have all the guys back and doing their thing and it's just a good time.

The movie also has a real old-school vibe. It feels like a rat pack movie right down to establishing shots of airports purposely made to look like stock and technical inaccuracies so blatant that they must've been done on purpse and even the end credit fonts... it all speaks to those kinds of films that were made strictly just to have fun with. For such a huge cast everyone gets their moments and Pacino and Ellen Barkin are both great and i dunno... it just works.

And unlike normal trilogies or part threes, there's no sense of epic-ness or having to outdo or even call back to the previous films. No huge CGI monsters or end-of-world scenarios or whatever... I can see this series going on for a while without the weight of its predecessors. Which is good because I hated all of that crap in Spider-Man and Pirates parts 3.

Really fun movie, I'd say just shy of the first one in terms of fun. We'll see how the replayability comes in but I'd say it's a definite step up from the second one (which I still like by the way) and pretty damn close to the first. The only thing the third has against it is we don't get all the fun stuff of getting the band back together and rounding everyone up.. and there's a pretty heavy couple of scenes loaded with exposition to get us up to speed. That's to be expected but the job in this one is so complex that it needs to cover like twice what the first one did. Not a huge problem though... as soon as everything's set up it jumps directly into the fun stuff. Yep, I really liked it.
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