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Title:   Here We Come
Director:   nico raschick
Year:   2007
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.18.07

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06.18.07Music Monday A fun doc about b-boys behind the iron curtain, this follows up on a bunch of guys who saw Beat Street in the early 80s and were completely taken with breakdancing. The story unfolds into this huge cultural phenomenon throughout the 80s in East Germany that actually went on longer than everywhere else. It's funny (seeing white boy German kids trying to emulate NYC street culture... badly) and interesting (how the government reacted to this trend). In many ways these kids were crazier because they couldn't go out and buy Kangol and Puma gear so they had to make their own(!), trying very very hard to identify with this style they were so smitten with.

The doc mixes various forms of vintage footage with now-they're-older modern day interview footage and it's all put together with this East German oldschool hip hop that they also had to invent in order to dance to. You get some guys with awesome names like Beatschmidt naming crews like The Stretch Breakers not knowing what it means (they meant scratch but didn't know how to spell it, not that that makes any more sense). It's all this very bizarre alternative world to 80s oldschool hip hop strained through limited resources and cultural differences on display.

I actually enjoyed the stuff were they talk about making the music as much as all the dancing parts. Although a lot of it was clearly taken from American songs, they still had these heavy German chords weighing them down with that oppressive German vibe. really interesting stuff. And they also talked about the wall coming down and how that basically ended the whole scene because everyone wanted to get a job so they could buy a car and stuff like that.

Good doc. Those crazy germans!
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