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Title:   Black Force
Director:   Michael Fink
Year:   1975
Genre:   Soul Cinema
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.22.07

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06.22.07Borrowed Clearly an excuse for a bunch of karate guys to beat each other up on film, this movie (if you can call it that) is about a group of badasses that people hire to TCB. And TCB they do by goin' out on the street and asking around, fighting random groups of people on said street, then showing up at the masterind's house to take the loot. Probably the most enjoyable thing about actually watching this movie was the end credits where it points out that like 87% of the people involved with the making of this movie were varying degrees of black belts. Seriously, I think there were 6 people with no belt information attributed to them. The only guy who has lines was probably the guy who put up the money and insisted on getting to play the big bad boss man. It was the greatest finding out that the husky dude who played like a sort of main henchman for a little while had an 8th degree black belt. I didn't know they even went up that high. Mostly it was 5th or 2nd degrees, such as "professor" Malachi Lee and "Obosan" Owen Wat-Son and Warhawk Tanzania. Hilarious.

The movie's really bad though. It didn't have any sync-sound so it's all badly-mixed barrages of random lines of dialogue from random people, groovy music, and chop socky sound effects of breaking shins and snapping gi's. And to prove that it's all just an excuse to have fun, the last 4 or 5 minutes of the film is just a recap of all the fight scenes in the previous 70 minutes.

Silly, but undeniably fun.
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