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Title:   Stardust
Director:   Matthew Vaughn
Year:   2007
Genre:   Fantasy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.24.07

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
06.24.07Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: Half-Ass-A-Thon
Next up was the one new film playing. Matt Vaughn appeared in a video intro with a Transformers poster behind him and no one clapped or did anything until he pointed at it and said "unfortunately, you won't be seeing this movie. You'll be watching Stardust instead" and one dude gasped so loud it was like my favorite memory of the entire night. It was like he just found out it was Christmas Eve and he got to ride along with Santa and keep all the other kids' toys he liked.

Meanwhile, I was pretty eh. The trailer did nothing for me and for whatever reason Iwasn't interested. So Again, I have to thank Harry because I wouldn't have been in any hurry to see this movie but it surprised me with some dark humor and wry observations that ended up making me like it (for what it was). I do think it was missing a scene where they go to the boudoir and you see the starlight pulsing with increasing intensity until it peaks and slowly fades, but I guess the MPAA would have a problem with that.

Tim also made a hilarious little half-ass mistake by playing the wrong film's trailers in front of it so right before the film started we got to see an 80s Clint Eastwood talking about crack cocaine and how it's not worth the thrill of even trying it. "So take this as a frentid reminder... don't even try it. the thrill can kill." So part of me thought Stardust might be a drug in the movie that makes you feel special... but it's not.
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