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Title:   Nashville Girl
Director:   Gus Trikonis
Year:   1976
Genre:   Non-Musical Music Film
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.25.07

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Date Viewed Venue Note
06.25.07Music Monday Well after last night it really really seems like the end. Two days left and I won't be there tomorrow. This was the last Music Monday Kier-La's programming... It's just so... final.

Before the movie, this really great band called Canned Hamm played a short set. I was really blown away. Two guys with a sequencer hooked up to the PA, they rocked the crowd with half jokey vegas lounge act and half funny yet also catchy songs. They actually reminded me a lot of a Canadian (and less overtly sexual) version of Junior Senior. Some of my favorite songs they performed were "Erotic Thriller" and "In Praise of Older Women" but their last song was really incredible, petering out with each member going through the crowd getting everybody to sing "And I want your body against mine without complications." Goofy yes, but the beats were pretty dope and the tunes were surprisingly good. Awesome band!

I also really liked the movie. It's an exploitation of Coal Miner's Daughter with (I'm guessing) lots more rape and music producers sleeping with 16 year old girls. I really liked how, as we follow the main girl (Monica Gayle) through the twisted road to country music stardom, we get treated to a running parade of memorable small roles that appear, hang around for a bit, then leave the picture. The Brooklynite YWCA shower bimbo who turns into her best friend for like 7 minutes, the street smart sister she meets in work farm who helps her out for like 8, and even Beauty, the first music manager's secretary. And then there are all the men who promise her fame just to sleep with her. My favorite of these is the one with the awesome rainbow-crotch'd pants and shirtless jean jacket. There aren't really a whole lot of positive male influences in this film but I guess that's what makes Gayle's final line ("you can take your contract and shove it!") all the more cheer-worthy. Although Thomas cracked me up by clapping after a rape scene or something just as bad.

And it was nice to see Tim & Karrie and Lars & Anne and Zack and all the other regulars come out for Music Monday. Made the last one pretty cool.
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