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Title:   Edtv
Director:   Ron Howard
Year:   1999
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   01.24.09

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01.24.09  I think i've noted before on how I like this movie way more than The Truman Show. Nothing's changed.

I'm currently re-watching Undeclared (again) and the episode where Seth Rogan tells the british kid that his favorite movie is You've Got Mail evokes a very similar response for me with EdTV. I know it's not really a movie I'm supposed to like, and my descriptions of it are very similar to Rogen's ("it's light and enjoyable and he's on tv and people are watching him"), but damn if I don't like the movie every time i see it! Who knows why!

This time around I really got into all the viewers. Howard handled the casting, shooting, and editing of all the different viewing parties perfectly. I laughed more times at the people watching TV than I did at Ed himself. All those viewers were great.

In other news, I'm 80 hours into Fallout 3. Yay!?
06.30.07DVD I was talking about (read: defending) this movie the other day and it put me in a mood to watch it. due to somewhat close releases and similar premises, this movie always gets compared to Truman Show and I like it more. WHile they're really different movies (Truman Show is a drama with comedy in it, Edtv is a comedy with drama in it), I find Edtv to be much more relatable and realistic and less preachy and heavy-handed with its (same) critique on television. However, since I was disappointed with Truman the first time I saw it and liked this one, I've only seen Truman Show maybe twice while I've seen this a good half dozen times easy... so it may be time to revisit Jim Carrey's wacky world that he buys completely for 30 years then stops believing completely because the whole world crumbles around him in one day again.

But for now, I continue to have a good time with this movie. It still made me laugh a few times and in addition to really (begrudgingly) buying McConaughey's charisma here, I get a kick out of most the supporting cast: Ada Goldberg as the best friend, Martin Landau as the stepfather, Dennis Hopper as the biological father, Sally Kirkland as the slutty mom, Elizabeth Hurley as the hot girl, and especially Woody Harrelson as the brother. Jenna Elfman... eh, should have been Rene Zellweger and the Rob Reiner evil TV exec thing gets old but thankfully it's only old for about 10 minutes before resolving. I love all the audience members they go back to, the ongoing comentary, and how the show gets better sponsors as it starts making money. I think it's a funny and deceptively simple handling of a topic that's only become more accurate since the rise of Fox's reality show slate and it's entertaining to boot. Still a fan, deal with it.