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Title:   Coming Home
Director:   Hal Ashby
Year:   1978
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.02.07

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- The Last Detail

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
07.02.07Netflix When I have a movie that's regarded as a classic that I haven't seen, especially something like this where I know the movie's not really about initial reaction so much as how it sits with you and grows on you, I get sort of... not quite intimidated but definitely aware of the chances that I won't immediately like it as much as I'm supposed to... and perhaps I never will. Consequently, this sat on my desk for like a month before I forced myself to watch it (along with another Ashby movie right after it). I mean, I've liked every other Ashby movie I've seen (not that I've seen all of them).

It's very much a product of its time and, taken on a certain level, the whole movie really boils down to "war is bad" over and over again, but it's done very well with good acting and an absolutely amazing soundtrack. Seriously, that's probably like a $10 million soundtrack for a film today if not more. I did really like how much of each song Ashby used though, often really low in the mix but managing to hit several beats throughout the song as the scenes play over it.

So... yeah I liked it. I have to say I already liked it a little more while listening to the commentary than on my first viewing (as a product of MY times, I can't see Robert Carradine as anything but Louis Skolnick and have never been the hugest Jane Fonda fan but damn if Voight and Dern weren't amazing)... i' sure it'll grow on me but this first watching felt a lot like planting a seed and hoping for the best.
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