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Title:   Live Free or Die Hard
Director:   Len Wiseman
Year:   2007
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   12.26.07

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- Underworld Evolution

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.26.07Friend's House No more believable the second time around. In fact I'd say this fared pretty poorly on repeat viewing. Kind of a shame that the story has to be completely ridiculous. I wonder if there's anybody out there that really believes that government facilities look like how they do in the movies. Anyways...
07.03.07Alamo Village ok... listen up, Hollywood writers. I'm giving out a free little workshop here for one paragraph only. No seminar fees or gold badges to buy to get in on it, no hotel lobbies to have to wait in before the panel starts. Just listen up. If you have a character afflicting a coputer virus on a system, it's ok to have him tell his henchman "upload the virus" and flash to a growing (non-labelled) bar on a monitor. The audience WILL get that the little bar means he's doing what your evil character just told him to do. You DO NOT need the computer monitor to say "Uploading virus." In fact, if at all possible you should AVOID having super-smart computer hacker characters typing random keys that make said "Uploading Virus" window pop up. Why? good question, I'm glad you asked. Because it's fucking stupid and makes you and your characters and your movie fucking stupid. Don't Do It.


This movie is 10 years too late. I thought we were finally rid of this cyber-terrorism crap with The Net and Enemy of the State and what whole wave of mediocrity. Why are they trying to bring it back now? Why is Kevin Smith a digital jedi? Why is Justin Long in a Die Hard film? If they called this 16 Blocks Part 2: 18 Blocks I would've been... well, not happy, but surprised a little. If this was The Last Boyscout 2: Even Laster I could've swallowed itm but a Die Hard film? Come on...

Not that I'm glorifying the past at all. I actually think, in terms of overall quality, that this fit in well with Die Hards 2 and 3. It just feels so alien with all this hi-tech crap. how about good ol' bad guys with no god-like powers cat & mouse-ing McClane? Does the bad guy really need complete control over the entire country in order to give this guy a bad day? It's just not Die Hardy enough.

The action is really big. I could tell what was going on (read: I liked it more than Transformers) and it was visually fascinating but... SO BIG! Eh, whatever. I can't hold that against actions films... the bigger the better I guess. At least they didn't have evil robots talking in their native tongue and subtitled in their native tongue which then translates into English until the final battle when they talk to each other in English. At least this didn't have that. Here there was just a little French from the Distrct B13 guy... Not quite Schiessen das Fenster material but at least it didn't offend me. By the end the action does seem completely unbelievable but oh well... pick your battles.

Eh... I just hated the story. I don't think an R rating would've helped. Hearing "jerkass" and having "yippee kiyay" cut off was pretty blatant but I guess that's the price we now pay during the summer. At least he still shoots the bad guys instead of disarming them and putting them on trial.

ok. I'm over this one too.
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