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Title:   Sophomore Swingers
Director:   Unknown
Year:   1978
Genre:   Sex Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.25.07

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
07.25.07Weird Wednesday I like going into completely unknown movies because it puts us all on a level playing field. No one's recomending it to me (creating a subtle pressure to like it) or warning me against it or creating any sort of expectation at all. All you get is a title and maybe the poster art and that's it. And with a title like this, it really doesn't mean anything (proven by the roughly inserted "SOPHOMORE SWINGERS" re-issue splice at the beginning of the film)... this movie could be anything at all really, as long as there are some boobies once in a while.

It turned out to be an Italian sex comedy in the Sergio Martino vein pairing hot young women who sometimes get naked with generally funny guys doing their Italian schtick. I love these guys because they're all so expressive with their body movements, the creative english dubbing of these guys almost always ends up being one of my favorite parts of movies like this. I guess it's hard to come up with a way to have these guys talking in any sort of normal manner when they're flailing all over the screen in weird rhythms and sudden outbursts.

I'm afraid I waited too long to write this and have forgotten most of the moments I liked in this. I remember it being generally better than I thought it would be and a success as a WW screening (Lars mentioned that if this would good (having two unknown movies in a row be uncovered gems (along with the undeniably great Hooch)), we may get super powers like being able to shoot lasers from our fingers, so a few people may be sewing superhero gloves while I type this... but it wasn't like the best thing ever. There were moments however...

The one that stands out in my mind is the teacher's out-of-nowhere fight against a gang of biker thugs. Screeching these high-pitched wails looking like a bird dropping an egg, he kicks all of their asses even though they're all wearing helmets and he's punching them with his bare hands.

And on a side note of a more mature nature... I really like something that this movie had tons of: upskirt shots. I think these are pretty undervalued in films... you see lots and lots of cleavage and topless action but I think a simple upskirt or pantyflash is incredibly sexy and can't really be called too revealing (although it is! making is sexy). The panty shots in this movie were plentiful and fetishistic in lingering screen time, plus they're all low-cut butt-crack euro-70s bikini cuts which doesn't hurt at all although they do look funny from behind.
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