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Title:   Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!
Director:   Nathaniel Hornblower
Year:   2006
Genre:   Concert Film
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   07.28.07

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07.28.07DVR I missed maybe the first five minutes of this when I flipped onto it and wound up watching the whole thing Even though it was at home and not at the Paramount with the beasties in attendance, it was still damn fun to rock out and watch along. For any beastie fan at all this movie's really awesome. I should pick this up on DVD...
03.15.06ParamountThis Screening is part of event: South by Southwest 2006
Immediately after Scanner let out I got in line for the beastie boys' doc. The line was already around the first corner, but without a 500-large VIP list I was pretty confident that I could get in. In fact, I got the exact same seat: Awesome.

Basically the idea behind this movie is that the Beasties handed out 61 cameras to different people in the crowd to record their experience of a sold-out show in Madison Square Garden, then Yauch picked and chose the best bits and cut them all together to make this movie. So it's a concert film but 98% of it is shot by the fans themselves (the title comes from a line spoken by the guy laying out the only rule for the guys with the cameras (don't stop recording), saying "so fifty years from now, you will look back at this and say 'Awesome; I fuckin' shot that!.'"

The movie really works. At first, since I was pretty close and it was on such a large screen (projected on HDcam, but shot on much lower-resolution cameras), the resolution issues made for pretty pixellated viewing. After the show got going though, the Paramount's phenomenal sound system made the experience great even if there were no visuals. People's heads were nodding all around me and the whole theater cheered and clapped after each song. Visually though, there was lots going on. Little funny jokes were thrown in, quick shots of random things like a cameraperson turning the lens on herself as she sang along for a bit, or zooming in on Ben Stiller as he knew all the words to Shake Your Rump to even rotoscoping one girl shaking her thang and making her dance with one of the boys by looping over and things like that. At one point, one of the cameramen takes a trip to the john and films his stream of urine followed by his foot flushing the toilet. So it wasn't all just streat shots of the stage... they did lots of little visual things to keep it interesting on top of the fact that it was intercutting so much footage. At certain times it would zoom out to show all footage on one screen, then zooming in on another angle. Also at one point, he was cutting literally every frame... at first the rapidity of cuts is a bit jarring but, just like mtv, you get used to it after about 15 minutes.

So there's all that stuff, but the show itself was amazing and I think that's the big part of why the movie's so awesome. The songs, the performances, the set changes... the show itself was pretty phenomenal. Plus you had Mix Master Mike on the tables so you get the full live treatment of their songs where's dropping new beats for every verse and doing solos and stuff like that... I really believe that if we were standing in a club watching this instead of sitting in a theater, we'd all be dancing and waving our hands in the air.

So yeah, to any Beasties fan, no matter how casual or hardcore, this is well worth seeing. Afterward, the three guys ambled on stage and sat down, making an Actor's Studio joke. For whatever reason, there was no moderator or anything so there was a few moments of confusion until everyone caught on that they should start asking questions. The guys were funny with their answers... but it helped a lot that the questions were so bizarre. This was definitely more the music crowd than the film crowd filling the seats. lots of "questions" that were basically "you guys are so awesome" over and over... although Jeffrey Ross was in the audience and asked Yauch when his next movie's comin out and he answered "hey, I know you! Why don't you come up and do some stand up?" to which Ross fired a scathing joke at one of the more shameless "question" guys. Someone asked them to do a song of theirs right there on the stage. They didn't. Apparently they're playing a secret show tomorrow night though... which I won't be at. I thought it was cool that they showed up for the screening though. I hope they were there to see some of our reactions though because the crowd was really getting into it. When they'd start playing some of their more famous songs more than a few women would scream. They also got a standing ovation (the second one I've seen this year)... pretty much proving that the movie had earned it's title: awesome.
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