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Title:   Return of Bruce
Director:   Joseph Velasco
Year:   1977
Genre:   Kung-Fu
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   08.21.07

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Date Viewed Venue Note
08.21.07Weird Wednesday Brucesploitation flick starring Bruce Le. This was about a thousand times better than I thought it would be, not because the fighting was anything special but because it was made in the Phillipines and therefore had nothing to do with reality. Easily the strongest part of the movie was this unbelievably skinny emaciated-looking gay guy who was sort of like the lead henchman and right-hand man to the big boss man. He always had both rear pockets stuffed with random crap to make it look like he had an ass and pranced around like a disco-loving deer or something the whole time. Just looking at him made you laugh and he's in the movie a lot so that was great. Although at one point the big boss man punches him in the crotch, then smells his finger and says he doesn't smell good. What?

There were plenty of other great moments too. The two guys randomly fighting until one guy finally admits he's a cop (by pulling his badge out of a chest pocket in one of roughly 50 awesome shirts shown off in this film (my favorite? a tie between the Cancer crab men's t and the Peacock women's t) and the other guy says he's sorry. There's actually a whole cop plotline that just disappears. a lot of things disappear. and there's a kid named piggy that's hilarious. and the ending of the movie... just oh man.

By far the weakest parts of the movie were the actual fight scenes. Bruce Le goes through like 16 end boss fights in a row and the last 14 are so tedious and slow that they grind the movie (and my conscioussness) to a halt. Other than that though, this was a real fun time.
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