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Title:   Lawrence of Arabia
Director:   David Lean
Year:   1962
Genre:   Epic
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   08.30.07

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- Bridge on the River Kwai

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
08.30.07Paramount The quintessential Epic film. I saw it a long time ago on DVD or maybe even VHS and found it loooooong and probably overrated. Since then, I've had numerous people defend the film by saying it's a completely different experience seeing it in a theater, particularly in 70mm. Well now I've seen it in 70, and what do i think?

OK, I'm not giving full credit to the print, but I liked it. I think a lot of why my mind has changed has come with maturity and more exposure to different kinds of films. Particularly Peter O'Toole's acting. But I will say that the added detail and grandeur of seeing those loooong shots on a big screen really does add a dimension to the feel of the movie. I'm surprised to be honest, but it really does.

Stephanie sat behind me and pointed out O'Toole's sissy run late in the film. It was so unexpectedly fairy that i burst out laughing with a mouthfull and sent myself to coughing. funny funny stuff. Actually there's tons and tons of undertones going on. I bet you could write a paper about how Lawrence in Arabia is like his trip over to the gay side and his return to Cairo is him fighting with his feelings and acting straight.

anyway, I'm visiting the parents/doing some tech support for the next few days so let's see how many movies I get to. Definitely been a weird summer.
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