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Title:   Mad Mas Beyond Thunderdome
Director:   George Miller, George Ogilvie
Year:   1985
Genre:   Apocalypse
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.19.07

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09.19.07Netflix Figured I'd revisit this just to make the trilogy complete. The was a staple on HBO when I was a kid so I saw it a lot and remember it being not nearly as good as Road Warrior. Now that I'm older and have seen a couple thousand more movies, what do I think?

Not as good as Road Warrior. I think parts are still iconically awesome (like the announcer dude's "It's dyin time" introduction to thunderdome and Master Blaster and even the dude with the kabuki mask on a tentpole) and I think I would full-on love the whole Bartertown sequence were it not for Tina Turner. Then the whole desert plane survivor kids thing bores the crap out of me and the ending, while the vehicles are maybe the most badass of all three movies, feels like a revisit to the climax of Road Warrior. It's still way better than the crappy get-us-out-of-the-desert bits before though.

I also notice the sax-heavy score a lot, which seems more 80s than post-apocalyptic. And why did Max trade in his dog for a monkey? ugh.

oh well, the awesome parts are still awesome. and there are some great quotes that will eventually end up in mixtapes.
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