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Title:   Sahara
Director:   Breck Eisner
Year:   2005
Genre:   Adventure
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.28.05

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Date Viewed Venue Note
03.28.05Paramount My first Austin premiere. I'm still getting places too early; even with stop-n-go traffic i was downtown and parked in a half hour. I decided, since i was early enough to get there as they were literally rolling out the red carpet, to do the fan w/ camera thing so i could say that i did it. The net effect was i stood in a crowd for an hour watching local news people wait around until finally a limo pulls up and the director gets out then another limo with all these girls i had no clue who they were then finally McConaughey in a big pick-up towing a Sahara Trailer. Then i stood around while the crowd all pushed and rubbed and everyone stuck their arms in the air to get badly-framed shots of him talking to news people. I took my share of badly-framed photos then he walked by and that was it. Since I saw him almost as close-up from my seat while he was on stage, and maybe this is because i'm not a girl, i wasn't that impressed. I think next time i'll just go buy a drink and hang out in my front row seat. Anyway, after everyone got seated the AFS head lady came out and spoke a bit then the UT longhorns coach came out and gave a good intro to McConaughey then he came out then they gave him a pair of bongos and the whole theater had a laugh while he played them (clothed) and commented that the lesson of that incident is to close your windows... He sounded psyched for the movie, and explained that he had just returned from a 38-day road trip with the Sahara trailer setting off from Austin to florida to new york and back again... Then he dropped this "j.k. livin" phrase a few times and i thought it might've been some scientology-esque new celebrity cult or something, but then i found out it's his production company. whew.

The movie: it was a fun romp. No Indiana Jones or anything, but it had a fun vibe and the movie switched up from the typical arab-esque score to douthern down-home rock n roll hits every once in a while which was like 30% cornball and 70% fitting... Yeah there were some pretty unbelievable (in a bad way) scenes, but by and large it was light adventure fun... and the movie certainly never claims to be serious. I mean, the guy's name is Dirk Pitt... come on, Cussler.

Oh, and I had my first Harry Knowles spotting as well. He's laid up in a wheel chair but he had a whole goon squad with him, including his parents. I'm sure they're all nice people, at least that's what i thought as i passed them by on my way to the FIRST ROW. I saw the director talking to him afterward but didn't feel like hanging around eavesdropping.
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