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Title:   How Come Nobody's On Our Side?
Director:   Richard Michaels
Year:   1975
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.03.07

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10.03.07Weird Wednesday so this movie is about Larry Bishop and Adam Roarke playing actors in biker movies that take a ride and end up stranded somewhere along the coast of Southern California (if I lived there longer I'd totally know). It starts off pretty cool in a biker angst sort of way but as the movie progresses it gets goofier and goofier until they're coercing a midget hot air balloon to pilot them away from chasing cops.

it gets pretty goofy.

The plot didn't make a lot of sense to me... there's a whole astrology angle that supposedly answers why they need to shave their beards to be able to talk to border patrol in order to cross the border to buy weed from Penny Marshall and Rob Reiner but... I didn't really get it. I did love how much Adam Roarke valued his fucking freedom though. My favorite scene is easily the one where they have to borrow his sister's VW bug and he refuses to get in because as soon as he does he starts paying dues... and Larry Bishop tries to persuade him by saying that the dues were very minor and major dues were like shaving his beard for the man (yet to come, they both look really REALLY sad when they shave) and that riding in a VW almost isn't dues at all, just ego. You can't fool Adam Roarke though... he knew that riding in that VW would result in hijinx.

I also liked that Bob Tessier made the beginning titles even though he's literally in one scene (the first) and has no dialogue. Yay Bob Tessier!

And this movie is blessed by some awesome songs that I wish I knew all the words too.

I love how the cops see a tank rolling down a city street and their only problem is that it's going too fast.

I love that Adam and Larry hotwire a fucking tank!

So yeah, fun moments... not a great film but it sure goes to some bizarre places.
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