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Title:   30 Days of Night
Director:   David Slade
Year:   2007
Genre:   Vampire
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.20.07

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- Hard Candy

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Date Viewed Venue Note
10.20.07Alamo Village Jarrette was in town for a day so we caught up on a few movies. I had... maybe not HIGH per se, but I had expectations nonetheless for this. I'd heard the graphic novel was good and early word was good. So I really didn't expect such a piece of shit.

First of all there's the cast, which I don't like but that's not their fault. So I was hoping to say "I don't like the cast but the rest was awesome" but no... they went out of their way to ruin my plans and make me say something different. Because the rest wasn't awesome unless by "awesome" you mean shitty.

The whole thing didn't make any sense. Even things that could easily make sense didn't because of how it was handled (like why the airport closes for a month just because it's dark out). Why do the vampires talk in their own vampire language? And if they do talk that way, you'd think their language would evolve a little bit to suit their pointy fake teeth a little better. Or I guess the high-pitched scream covers most of the basic communication needed and they only dip into vampirese when they need to say something really expository or poetic. Wouldn't it have been cool for them to speak Russian? they're just a bunch of Russian vampires who made their way over to this Alaskan town? I guess that makes too much sense, cut it out!

So it becomes laughably ridiculous at the end and that also brings my favorite line: That's someone else's blood!

ugh. horrible movie.