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Title:   Kung Fu Halloween
Director:   Hau Cheng
Year:   1977
Genre:   Kung-Fu
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.31.07

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Date Viewed Venue Note
10.31.07Weird Wednesday A movie called Kung Fu Halloween with no Halloween in it. In any case, maybe it's something about the kung fu genre or the fact that this print was pretty dinged up and warped or the fact that it's Halloween but sitting in the theater tonight was one of the most "grindhouse-y" sensations I've had at a Weird Wednesday. Here it is, Halloween. Pretty much EVERYBODY is either trick-or-treating or partying on 6th or driving their kids around to trick-or-treat and what am I doing? Watching a horrible kung fu movie with a hundred and some other anti-social freaks. Sure the theater doesn't smell like urine and I didn't see anyone fornicating or injecting drugs but... It's halloween! Surely there's something better that pretty much everyone can be doing instead of listening to horrible HORRIBLE dubbing and scene inserts from other movies. Right?

So even though parts of the movie bored me (it is a kung fu movie after all), there were a few entertaining moments and the part where it switched movies was pretty classic. just snakes in a massage parlor all of a sudden! yay! then back to the action. I also liked the end where they thought that putting a padded bra on a stuntman and dressing him in a tight bodysuit would accentuate the breasts and sell that they're women but I guess they forgot to tuck or something because... they weren't women.

On a side note, this is the last WW at South Lamar. At first I didn't think the series would work at all over there but not only has the attendance been respectable (regularly filling up the 100-seat theaters) but the programming has also been excellent. There were some real nice surprises these past few months (Hooch, Mitchell, Return of Bruce, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, and who can forget Black Devil Doll from Hell) so... great! Here's hoping Weird Wednesdays at the Ritz continue the trend. It's definitely the highlight of my movie-watching week nowadays.
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