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Title:   Special Delivery
Director:   Paul Wendkos
Year:   1976
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.05.07

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11.05.07Borrowed Micah lent this one to me long long ago, so long ago in fact that I forgot why he lent it to me or what it was about. The cover art made it look like a tender 70s romance between Bo Svenson and Cybil Shepherd. Lucky for me, it wasn't (at least not exactly). Bo pulls off a bank heist but he's the only one on his team of vet war buddies who makes it out. While being chased by cops, he stuffs his bag (holding a half million bucks) into a street corner mailbox and gets away. He comes back later with the task of getting his bag from the box before the late pick-up.

What elevates this movie for me are the various supporting characters inhabiting this one particular block (of what looks like seedy 70s Hollywood). Several layers of interest and tension layer on as more people become involved like the sleazy dealer bartender who sees Svenson stuff the bag in the box and hears about the robbery and tries to steal the money for himself or the local gangster Mr. Chu with his deleriously over the top dialogue who trails the bartender to see what he's up to or Cybil Shepherd as a crazy woman who sees the whole thing from the window and falls for Bo the bank robber or the biker gang (complete with a young Jeff Goldblum playing Snake) who ask for trouble when they mess with Svenson.

In the end, most or all of these characters intertwine in some way. it's pretty satisfying.

So yay. A pleasant surprise here.
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