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Title:   Deadly Daphne's Revenge
Director:   Richard Gardner
Year:   1987
Genre:   Revenge
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.07.07

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Date Viewed Venue Note
11.07.07Borrowed Another borrowed from Micah a looong time ago. AKA The Hunting Season (a much more apt title if you ask me since Daphne's in like 5 minutes of the movie). A group of guys pick up a girl hitch-hiker and rape her then the whole movie's about how she goes to the police and the guys feel persecuted for being called a rapist. So stuff happens and the girl falls for one of the guys but then Daphne shows up at the end, a crazy woman escaped from Camarillo and the root for the main guy's hatred toward women and black people, and gets deadly revenge. So it's kind of a rape revenge story in that it has rape and revenge, it's just that the revenge doesn't come from the rapee. For her it's kind of a love story.

Although the above paragraph sounds pretty interesting (and there's a Mexican named Bobo. he's great), this movie was just too slow for me to stay with. Maybe I picked a distracted time to watch it but sitting through it didn't do much for me. Thinking about it afterward is actually much more entertaining. The movie plays completely serious and straight with all these rapists complaining about how their careers are in jeopardy thanks to this woman coming forward. Damn it! Now I can't be governor! One little rape and all this hubbub! jeez! Or the other guy ("If you want to keep selling me insurance you better go upstairs!") who just went to sleep losing his wife because the whole town's now heard how they all raped a girl. But then the weird thing is she drops the charges and is sorry for saying anything. It's actually pretty twisted and weird in retrospect. Too bad it couldn't be a tad more enjoyable on the actual watching. Maybe if I saw it under better circumstances I'd like it more.

hate women and black people

bobo the mexican
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