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Title:   Revenge of the Zombies
Director:   Steve Sekely
Year:   1943
Genre:   Zombie
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.10.07

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11.10.07DVRThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2007
So what's a better way to end this fest than with a movie about nazi zombies? TWO MOVIES ABOUT NAZI ZOMBIES! And this one starring John Carradine! Who was in Stagecoach! Which was the first film of the fest! FULL CIRCLE, PEOPLE. You won't get this at BNAT.


I tried really really hard to stay awake for this and even rewound the ending a couple times because as far as I can tell this is the same movie as KotZ except with John Carradine instead of the Bela Lugosi-looking mad doctor in the first one and less of the black driver dude (although he was still in it). No plane crash this time but otherwise it's damn similar. I did catch the speech about the power of an undead army but again no explicit Hitler name-dropping and.... and the end is pretty foggy. Actually in the harsh light of noontime (as I write this) I can't really remember much of the movie... I suppose that's for the best though because it was a Monogram picture and only 60-something minutes long and was about zombies for Hitler without even saying Hitler!

So that's that! DVRfest 3 is over. What did I learn this year? Well, first off I learned my programming skills are awesome. Actually that's not true. I already knew that so it's not something new. I learned that when I get up relatively early and do things during the day, I have a problem laying on my couch and watching 5 movies in a row without me falling asleep. Next year's DVRfest might very well be 4-movie nights instead of 5. Whatever, it was fun falling asleep to weird movies.

so... 548 movies in the past year, 1606 films seen 1714 times in the last 3 years, 50 in the past month and 17 this week. Top directors are Oliver Stone with 11, Werner Herzog with 11, and Blake Edwards with 10. Top genres are drama with 157, Comedy with 155, and documentary with 155 (followed by horror with 149 but that's unfair since so many horror subgenres split this number up. the genre system on this site is the next thing i'd re-work if i go under the hood again, it's a mess). Snakes on a Plane is still the top movie with 11 views, Sin City and Napoleon Dynamite have 4, and Knocked Up, Danger: Diabolik, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The 40 year-Old Virgin and The Big Lebowski are all at 3. Netflix is the top venue with 296 followed by 212 at the Alamo Downtown, 167 at Alamo South Lamar, 160 on DVR and 156 on DVD (I'm also up to 92 Weird Wednesdays! I wonder what will be my 100th?).

I really hope I keep this up. The format seems to suit me and I love browsing through my stats and getting awesome comments from people who worked on forgotten movies and reading my old posts and seeing how many typos and bad grammar there are. It's almost like I write for AICN huh (oooooh burn!) Will I make it another 11 years like Peter Bogdanovich? Will I see nearly as many movies once I get a full-time job? Will I ever finish that short with Jarrette? I am trying not to say no to any of those questions. I guess I can check back on this a year from now and see!
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