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Title:   Death Hunt
Director:   Peter Hunt
Year:   1981
Genre:   Adventure
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.24.07

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11.24.07Netflix When I was growing up, one movie that stuck with me was Shoot to Kill with Sidney Poitier and Tom Berenger chasing a bad guy through remote wilderness. So imagine my happiness when I came across this movie: 1931 Yukon Territory and trapper Charles Bronson gets chased through the wilderness by mounties Lee Marvin and Carl Weathers. It's like Shoot to Kill meets Jeremiah Johnson!

I liked this a lot. No reason in particular I guess other than the stated cast and premise. Just a solid movie. Lee Marvin has these awesome snow-blinders that make him look sort of like a GI Joe figure and at one point Bronson kills like 438 assholes while bunkered in his cabin. Kind of the one weak note (but also an awesome note depending on how you look at it) is Maury Chaykin. What's a NY Jew doing in 1931 Yukon territory? They at least try to explain Carl Weathers by saying he was born in Louisiana but Chaykin sticks out like the pink part of an excited dog. He also threatens a man with what may be the smallest knife I've ever seen.

They said it was based on a true story but 1981 was not exactly the pinnacle of Hollywood verisimilitude (but then again, are they now?) so I have no doubts there were a few liberties taken. Who cares. I can look up the facts on google after I write this. The movie was fun and good and that's it.
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