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Title:   Trick 'r Treat
Director:   Michael Dougherty
Year:   2008
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.09.07

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Date Viewed Venue Note
12.09.07Alamo RitzThis Screening is part of event: Butt-Numb-A-Thon 9
fake title: Freeway

-Halloween 3
-Trick or Treat

Allllright. So the last movie and it's time for the costume contest. They also handed out bags of candy to everyone to fully get in "the mood." It's a whole Halloween thing because the last movie is Trick 'r Treat.


I guess it makes sense, seeing as it was supposed to play FantasticFest this year and all. But that's the last movie? Huh. Oh well.

It's a halloween anthology. Dylan Baker and Brian Cox are in it. I liked how the little spooky kid that looked just like the spooky kid from The Orphanage was made up of pumpkin guts. Otherwise it was a fine movie along the lines of Creepshow or whatever. I didn't dislike it.

After it was all over Harry announced the Monday screening to be Son of Rambow: a movie I liked a lot when I saw it at FantasticFest. Eric called out the drawings and we all took HD-DVD players off the back of a truck (I saw a few hobos hanging around. I wonder if they got a few as well). BNAT's over.

All in all, pretty subdued year. If the talkbacks are right and Rambo and Cloverfield dropped out at the last minutes... eh, that makes sense I guess. I would've liked to see Rambo. I'm really surprise Cloverfield didn't play so maybe there was a shipping snafu (or maybe Paramount's finally learning what all the other studios already know)... either case a pretty subdued year. I could've used a lot more variation in pacing and genre. That said, it was nice to see some movies that I like at an Alamo and Lonely are the Brave was good. I want to think maybe the low key nature of this year will make getting in easier next year but I bet everyone will just expect BNAT 10 to be that much bigger. Who knows.
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