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Title:   99 Francs
Director:   Jan Kounen
Year:   2007
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.13.08

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Date Viewed Venue Note
01.13.08Friend's House Screener night at Tim's. I didn't go to the first few so I figured I should make an appearance lest I get deleted from the list. Turns out I was the only one there, which was a bit odd. At least I learned that Tim's just as in love with The Wire as I am.

So this movie... French... about an ad designer undergoing a meltdown. Visually it's very pretty and clever and busy like watching 90 minutes of the visual effects shots from Fight Club and Stranger Than Fiction. The problem is that the story is drab and all over the place and too familiar to be anything more than mildly entertaining. I've seen excessive coke binge sequences before. There are some pretty slick visuals and a kinda funny albeit gimmicky switcharoo ending (claiming that you are a test audience and here's alternate ending #1) and the film ends with an ad for its own DVD, but it's just not enough to call all the way good. A couple moments but whatever.
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